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Questions & answers


Shall I register on the site?

No, the registration on site is not required.

How do I know my order was accepted?

You will get an email confirmation once we will receive the order from you. New order will also reflect is your email under “New Sales order ”.

When should I confirm the order?

You should only confirm the order once shipping company will give you a call to confirm time and date of delivery.

Is it possible to get advice over the phone?

Our managers have a good experience to work with art materials and supplies.
They will give you qualified advice or suggestion.

Do you have any restrictions on the amount of order?

No, we will accept and deliver the order on any minimum amount.

How to cancel order?

You can only cancel order which have not been confirmed by you to shipping company. The order can be cancelled by sending email to artlavka.ae

May we get the order in weekends?

Yes, after approval with manager.

May we get the goods on the day of order?

Yes, it's possible. After approval of delivery with our manager.

Is it possible to place order by phone?

If you are unable to place an order online, we can take order over the phone. Call +971 6 5527757.

Might I pay the order by wire transfer?

Yes you can. We accept any type of payment. Please confirm the payment type with our manager.

I have got Gift voucher from my last purchase. How can I use it?

Gift voucher allows you to get discount for the next purchase in Art Mall. For this enter 4 digits gift voucher number in special field in Section ''Basket''.


Do you make a delivery to Berlin?

Yes. We do delivery all over the world. Please confirm the delivery terms with our manager by email or by phone.

How much is shipping?

The order on amount less than 100 AED all shipping charges are paid by buyers. The order at amount over 100 AED will be delivered FREE. For more details see DELIVERY


We need decoration for New Year? What would you suggested?

We can advise to have frost in a can , snow in a can ( decoupage and craft products) or coloured paper for children, hair & body spray and etc.

Do you have a detailed description of the goods?

Please click on the name of product and read more about certain product.

We liked paper in plane-table '' Red Rose''. May we buy similar paper in loose sheets in required sizes?

Yes, all our paper available in loose sheets in any sizes.

What we can buy for child for lessons in art school?

You can buy folders for work with gouache ''To the smallest artist'', for watercolour album '' Peterburg Secret''. Visit 'Children corner on the site for more information.

We are looking for the gift? What would you advice?

We have range of products for gift. You can choose one of brushes gift set , paintings or calligraphy gift set. GIFT VOUCHER
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