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Water-Colour brushes

“The brush absorbs watercolour and easily transfers it to the paper, allowing you to get large smooth painted surfaces and gradual transitions of tone and colour. Brush hair is securely fixed in the ferrule. In the course of use, the brush hair loss was not found.”

Nikolai Piankov, the head of ARD Art Studio in Yaroslavl: “Cognition comes through comparison. I could tell you a great deal of words of admiration about this brush, but anyway each of you will say, “Better I'll try it by myself...” I am talking about the real artists who can evaluate a good tool. Of course, the quality of painting is not only the matter of the brush. With the help of a good tool a great painter can create a real masterpiece on the canvas, expressive, colorful one. I was delighted by elasticity and flexibility of the brush. The “I” inside and the brush merged together. The brush tip bent and straightened without effort leaving a colorful mark on the canvas, expressing my inner state in its form. It perfectly kept the paint that I took from the paint can abundantly and applied to the canvas.”

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