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Folder for gouache and water-color painting "Spring Forest", 297*420 mm, 20 sheets, 160 g/m2, Liliya Holding. Brand: Palazzo, Made in Russia


Water-color painting book"Cyprus", 297*420 mm, 10 sheets cjnnjn 50% paper+10 sheet tracing paper, Liliya Holding. Brand: Palazzo, Made in Russia



In the old days, when watercolor paper was not invented yet, watercolors were painted on parchment of bleached skin, as well as on thin ivory plates (they are now used in miniature painting), as well as on bleached fabrics.
Paper for watercolor appeared much later. Today, watercolors are used almost exclusively on the appropriate material.
Watercolor paper, which was produced in the old days, had good qualities, because for its manufacture from the 14th century only flax fiber was used - the best material in making paper.
Two centuries later, for the first time cotton was used for production, whose fiber is much inferior to flax fiber, and hence the quality of paper from it is lower.
In our time, there is a variety of paper for watercolors, as well as other types and types of paper.
The technology of paper production has grown significantly. For its creation now serve materials that in the old days were completely unknown.
For example, a large number of types of paper are now made from wood (wood fiber), which is extracted from coniferous wood. Also straw comes to work, but the most valuable are flax and cotton.
In our online store you are presented with watercolor paper of different types.
It fully meets all your requirements and will certainly help to realize all your plans.

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